Yoga is not just a physical activity of performing various postures. The ancient yogic texts describe a number of benefits resulting from the regular practice of yoga. At Aagna Yoga, I wish to spread this knowledge of yoga acquired through the reading of the ancient texts, along with the current scientific research works that supports the yogic texts.

As a researcher in grain storage and quality analysis for about ten years, I have significant experience in analyzing, reviewing, writing and editing scientific research papers. This experience helps me in synthesizing the research articles published in various international journals on yoga and provide the information in simple text to the community. More importantly, I would like to focus on how people can lead a better quality of life by dedicating a little time for yoga. Through Aagna Yoga, I would like to communicate how yoga can be a complementary system for people affected by various ailments and bring awareness about how yoga can help manage existing health conditions.

In my classes, I share the benefits of each posture. For those who find it difficult to attain a complete posture, I provide suggestions on alternate techniques/variations to the posture that will help achieve desired benefits from a posture. In short, I wanted to spread the immense depth of science lying behind yoga and bring awareness about the benefits of yoga.